Limits Offered 

$5M Lead and High Excess
Max attachment point: $25M


Target Industries 

• Commercial Real Estate 

• High-end Restaurants 

• Boutique Hospitality with minimal liquor exposure 

• Retail 

• Wholesale/Distribution 

• Artisan Contractors 

• Light Manufacturing


E&S/Wholesale Target Segments* 

• Inventors/future-economy exposures

• Tech-centric manufacturing exposures

• Renewable energy ventures


Areas out of Appetite 

General Contractors; Habitational Real Estate; Trucking; NY, WA, CO, SC Contractor Risks, Exterior Work Above 4 Stories; Logistics; Energy; Environmental; Medical Exposure or Devices; Cosmetics Manufacturing;  Nightclubs and Adult Entertainment; Bars and Taverns; Internet Retailers; Toy Stores or Manufacturers; Camps and Daycares; Products Imported from China


Array Differentiators: 

• Intuitive, digital portal 

• Superior service 

• Competitive terms and pricing

• Real-time broker analytics 

• Real-time third-party data via API to ensure accuracy 

• Emphasis on broker niches/expertise


Maximum Exposure: 

$20M in Annual Revenues


Minimum Policy Premium 



Attachment Points 

$1M/$2M/$1M GL, $1M Auto, $1M/$1M Liquor, 

EL State Mandatory


Coverage Features 

• Follow Form Excess Policy 

• 3 to 18 month policy periods 

• Unsupported Excess 

• Admitted and non-admitted


Geographic Scope 

50 States & D.C. 

* Less than 5 years loss history acceptable