All submissions should be sent to the clearance email:

Submissions must be cleared using only our “Clearance Data Information” (CDI) spreadsheet, available on the above button.  This is the only document we require from you to clear your account, although complete submissions are encouraged to facilitate a faster response.  When the CDI is fully completed, we expect to know if the submission will move forward, or if it will be declined.  Please note that the last three columns regarding loss information should be entered on the first row as totals for the full account and does not need to be broken out by location.

The second required item to quote is our “Clearance Supplemental Information” (CSI), also available above.  If the CDI and CSI are completed in their entirety, 99% of the time there will not be any additional questions and you will receive either a quote or a declination.  The Excel application contains three (3) individual Tabs at the bottom marked Habitational, LRO/Merc and Pools.  We require the application to be completed for each location with the exception of the pool app which can be used for all locations.  If the majority of the account is Habitational you only need that tab completed (meaning you don’t need to also complete the LRO app if there are LRO exposures on the ground floor.)

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